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Measuring for curtains
Measuring for a curtain pole
Measuring for a pelmet
Measuring for a roman blind
  • Use a steel tape measure.
  • For a curtain pole, measure the the full width of the pole (between the finials/knobbly bits on the end) in centimetres. For a track, measure the full width, end to end. This is the width.
  • For a track, there may be an overlap (the bit in the middle where the curtains join). Do NOT worry about this - ignore it. We make an allowance for the overlaps. Curtain poles don't have an overlap.
  • Also, on a track, do NOT worry about returns (where the curtain comes back to the wall on either side). The only exception to this is if your track is fixed unusually far away from the wall, in which case please specify in the special instructions that accompany yuor order. We allow sufficient fullness in the curtain for returns as well as overlaps.
  • Do NOT worry about fullness, we allow a fullness of 1.5 to 2.5 dependent on the style of curtain. In other words, tell us the width you wish to cover. We will make the extra allowance for the folds in the curtain.
  • The drop depends on the style of curtain and whether you are using a pole or a track.
    • For Tab Top curtains and Eyelet curtains, measure in centimetres from the TOP of the pole to about 1.5cm above the floor or windowsill. Note that if you overmeasure for tab tops or eyelets there is no room for adjustment, like there is the with the pleated headings. Do NOT add an allowance for the rise above the eyelets - we will do that. (It's obvious, but you can't have tab top or eyelet curtains on a track).
    • For Pencil Pleat or Pinch Pleat curtains on a pole, measure from the base of the pole ring ie where the metal eye screws into the base of the ring to approximately 1.5cm above the floor.
    • For Pencil Pleat or Pinch Pleat curtains on a track, measure from the top of the track to 1.5cm above the floor, windowsill or wherever.
    Note that the 1.5cm allowance is just a guide so that the curtains finish above the windowsill or floor. But it's up to you where you want your curtains to drop to, whether it be just above the floor, on the floor (some people like this), just above a windowsill, just below the windowsill, etc. We will make up the drop of the curtain to the point you specify - the 1.5cm allowance is just a guide.